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I went with a few friends to see “Eclipse” the other night.  We were going to have a ladies night out, a real treat, at a local theater pub.  Don’t get excited, this is no PDX style, the movies are first run and full movie-going price.  But you can get burgers or pizza and beer or wine delivered to your comfy seat.  So exciting, as the last ladies night out I’d had was in March.

Once we’d all managed to liberate ourselves from our houses, leaving babes in the care of Dads, we found out that the theater was having some special event that was nothing like a terrible teenage vampire saga.  Woe!

Calls were put in to husbands, only one of whom was available to do research for us.  We found a showtime only half and hour later at a nearby mall and rushed on over.  It was looking like I wasn’t going to be able to get my greek salad and wine.  Boo.  The good news was that Annie and Sarah had a different plan for dinner, and it was oh, so perfectly convenient and fitting.  We had a high school dinner of the following: 
Large bag of popcorn, refilled once, buttered
Nachos (meaning chips and that fluid cheese – delicious!)
Bag of Reese’s Pieces
Large Coke and Root Beer

Folks, it was so perfect. And, much to my surprise, there wasn’t a terrible, stomach-achy issue later. I guess I’m still close enough to 18! I think for dinner tonight I’ll have a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and chocolate milk.

6/16/10 Ellie likes chocolate for dinner




Ellie recently discovered my journals on the bookshelf and frolicked about with them for a bit.  As I picked up the bits and pieces that had fallen out (I stuck significant receipts in, love letters, break up letters (yes!  I kept it!), bits of poetry and scrawlings on napkins that I wrote when the journal was not in hand), I got sucked in and I keep picking them up and reading random bits.  I will say this; every bit of it is embarrassing.  E-ver-y sentence.  Mind you, this was a place I wrote what I never ever thought anyone would read.  I guess I was forgetting that I, myself, would be reading it someday.

Anyway, it reminded me how lovely it is to sit down a write something, even if it is nonsense or complainy.  Also, it reminded me of how it felt to be 21.  Hint:  it felt awkward, but also wonderful.

As I am not likely to find a way to fit in hours long breaks in coffee shops to stare out the windows daydreaming and writing in a journal, if I want to write more nonsense it will have to be in here, during naptime.

18 Months


I feel silly keeping up the farce that I actually write here anymore, but I must celebrate Ellie, so here goes.  I did write it 3 months ago but we only just downloaded the last 6 months of pictures!


2/22/10 Post Nap Face

Ellie is 1.5 years old now.  I can’t believe it.  But every time I think that I wish I could just freeze her in time, I realize that if I froze her a few months ago, I would have missed out on so much new fun!  She is crazy, adorable, sweet, charming and so lovely.


She always seems to know what we’re talking about now and joins in the conversation with sentences of her own which make no sense to us.    She whispers syllables back to me if I whisper, hums back to me if I sing and laughs a great, loud, screeching laugh when we laugh.  Her real laugh is a chortling giggle with a little screech if she’s being tickled or chased.  And she loves to be chased.



She plays with her toys in a whole new way now, mostly she wants to read books and carry around dolls.  She also loves to dump out the whole box of blocks at once and say, “doooooh!”  She still loves balls and sees them even before I have.  Her favorite place is the playground and she drags us there as soon as we leave the house.

3/19/10 Self-Portrait

She still loves to dance, but hasn’t added any new dance moves.  She also loves to strum Daddy’s guitar and bang on it, too.  She likes to color, sneaking bites of the crayons when I’m not looking.  I’ve noticed her copying my list making by doodling thoughtfully on a piece of paper.


Her favorite foods are avocado, berries (strawberry is her newest word), beans and, of course, butter.  She sometimes eats almost nothing and other times almost a whole banana.  She often seems mostly inconvenienced by mealtimes, as they interrupt another activity.


Her hair is longer than mine in back and loops up in gentle, beautiful curls.  Her eyes are now brown in some light and green in others.  I wonder if they will always change with the light and her mood.  She still has a double chin and neck folds, thank goodness.  The dimple on her right cheek is visible only in certain smiles.  Her wiry arms and legs are strong enough that I can pick her up just by leaning down and letting her grip on to me.


When she’s asleep she still looks like our newborn baby, but when she wakes up, she’s always just a little older and has another new trick up her sleeve.