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24 Months




Nope, Ellie’s not 2 years old. Only 24 months and that’s still just a little baby, right? Jesse and I were discussing last night how bittersweet her ever-increasing age is. Every new and amazing think she learns leaves behind a previously amazing and adorable milestone. I just can’t believe she’s grown up this much in so little time.

Ellie and a grizzly at the zoo 8/19/10

Shirt reads, "I'm with stupid" 9/15/10

Little Ellie Mae has quickly become an excellent communicator, though it helps to know her language. In addition to many recognizable words, she says “Hoh” to mean “yes”, “deedleedle” to mean dirty, and “no” to mean “more”. I know these words will change and I almost can’t stand it. She whipped out “Popo” for purple in the bathtub last night with absolutely no preamble. She now strings words up into goofy sentences that still only follow her own grammar rules.

Trying to beat Daddy 9/17/10

Trying to beat Daddy 9/17/10

Sushi 10/1/10

She loves to cook with me in the kitchen and often before I even know I’ve mentioned cooking, she’ll be going to the closet to get her stool to help up at the counter. We all made sushi together a few weeks ago, and she made such a lovely mess on the table with Jesse, also eating an enormous amount of sushi rice and avocado. Avocados are a favorite of hers, as well as berries, ice cream, beans and jerky.

Spicy salsa 9/26/10

Smile! 9/21/10

Ellie Lu wants all her shirts to have “hats” (hoods), going so far as to yank at the back neckline of all her shirts. She also yanks at Jesse and my shirts to try to get them up over our heads. When we all, as a family, have hoods on, she’s extremely proud and marches off, holding our hands.



She’s constantly taking on and off her shoes and socks, going for the craziest combinations. I have, more than once, gotten out and about only to realize she is wearing two different socks and two different shoes. She also wants to dress and diaper her babies (dolls, stuffed animals, tiny plastic figurines), as well as wanting to nurse them. When she’s done, she passes them to me to nurse as well.

Wet 9/28/10

She still loves to dance, but it has become a spastic, almost dangerous movement. She twists, bops, and jerks her little body around and into things. She also danced right off the coffee table a few weeks ago and after crying for a bit, insisted on climbing back up again.

Raspberries 9/16/10

She loves to get into the shower with us, but is scared of the spray. She mostly end up standing in there and shivering and keeping up her end of the conversation. At the mention of a bath or shower, she starts tugging at her clothes and undressing.

Birthday Cake 10/7/10

Birthday Present 10/7/10

I’ve decided that modesty need only apply to myself and therefore, can tell you how stunningly gorgeous Elena Mae is. Her hair has darkened to a very light brown underneath with golden blond streaks on top. Her skin is perfection, the softest thing I have ever touched. Her eyes are the same dark green hazel as they were a year ago. She loves to give us kisses with her rosebud mouth and snakes her little arm around my neck to hold on to me and give me hugs. Her little hugable body is soft in the belly and skinny down the legs.


She is everything right, everything good and everything we could have ever hoped for. And more.


21 Months


Here’s what I wrote about Ellie turning 21 months old. I guess I was a bit on the busy side and didn’t get around to writing any more! So I’ll share some pictures instead:


On a hike in the Berkeley Hills 5/14/10


With dada - 6/13/10

We looked at pictures together today of beautiful 8 month old Ellie Mae. She’s so much bigger now, she might as well be 6 years old for how different she is. She was such a sweet baby! And now, oh my goodness, she is such a sweet girl.




Walking Point Pinole 6/26/10


'Whatever, Mommy' 6/29/10