I’m Amy and I’m in a coffee shop in Shanghai while the worst typhoon in 10 years rages outside. Jesse James and I moved here less than a week ago and I hope to bring you all the crazy stories I can. In the past 4 years I have (in rough chronological order):

Met back up with my High School sweetheart and we picked up where we had left off almost 8 years before.

Completed almost 5 years of work at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, enough time to climb the manager ladder and realize it was not my life’s dream.

Moved to Japan and taught in a High School for a year, enough time to realize it was not my life’s dream.

Studied Spanish in Valencia, Spain for a few months, enough time to realize living in Europe is a lovely dream, but a very expensive one.

Moved back to Portland to find jobs and work and find apartments and it was not awesome.

Took a years worth of science classes like Microbiology and Chemistry and found out I was good at it.

Got married to the dearest, sweetest man, my Jesse James on 07/07/07.

Moved to Shanghai!

I have vague and varied life plans involving homes, kids, dogs and masters degrees in Nutrition, but for now living and loving are at the top of the list so here I am. After a week in Shanghai, I can tell you it is crazy and cool and I could see getting a little bit attached to it, but don’t worry, Momm, I’m still planning on coming home in a year.


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