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My girls are all growing up, even if I don’t acknowledge it


It just can’t be. I have put off writing these posts, somehow believing that if I don’t write about how my children are getting older, they will stop. It is painful, my chest is squeezing/ -34


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will do it, or how much I will cry. But I must write about all these lovely girls. First, I will actually publish the writing I did about Katy and Lola turning one. Then I will write about Ellie Mae. It’s going to be rough, folks.


9/30/2012 Ellie, Katy in the middle and Lola


Katy and Lola, 4 Months


Lola on the left, Katy on the right (probably)

Can you believe they’re already four months old? Or that it has only been four months. Which is more incredible? When they were born they were only tiny little handfuls and now they are getting difficult to hold onto 2 at a time.

Very first baby picture - Lola, frothing at the mouth, Katy not yet into the world!

They have come so far in these four months, it’s a shame I haven’t gotten around to writing about them until now.  They have absolutely dazzling smiles with cheek dimples and double chins and raised eyebrows.  As they smile they often initiate a conversation, little buzzes in the throat and ahs and oohs.  I noticed their first smiles within a day of each other when they were 7 weeks old, which was only about 2 weeks gestational age!

6 Weeks

They play with their tongues a lot, seeming to taste the air with them.  I love to see their tongues curling up into their mouths as they smile, sticking out to taste the world and getting ready to curl around when they nurse.  They have the cutest little mouths and when they cry, they stick out their bottom lip far enough to park a small car.

4 Weeks

When they are playing on their backs or getting their diaper changed, they energetically flex and straighten their legs.  When they stretch out their arms, they barely reach higher than the top of their heads.

5 Weeks

They have just started to look at each other and I caught Lola smiling at Katy a few days ago (Katy was looking elsewhere).  They have flipped both from front to back and back to front, but so far don’t reliably do either.  They are playing with toys, if you count looking at and batting with hands playing.  Their favorite inanimate object is the monitor (which hums and slightly flashes its lights) next to the changing table, which they look at immediately and smile and coo at.

4 Weeks

They lost most of their newborn inch long blond hair and have grown back a new centimeter of the same light color.  Light enough that they are called bald by passersby.  Their big eyes have lightened to a fairly bluish tint, which is pretty close to Ellie’s at this age.  They have lost some of their milia, but still have some of the white freckles here and there.  They have very soft and fair skin.  It’s delectably kissable.  Their baby cheeks and fuzzy heads feel like heaven up next to me.

5 Weeks

As I write this they have nursed to sleep and are now sitting up in my arms, curled together with their heads within reach of kisses. And their blond eyelashes against their cheeks and their soft breathing in my ears.  How lucky I am!

3 months - Welcome to the Jungle

24 Months




Nope, Ellie’s not 2 years old. Only 24 months and that’s still just a little baby, right? Jesse and I were discussing last night how bittersweet her ever-increasing age is. Every new and amazing think she learns leaves behind a previously amazing and adorable milestone. I just can’t believe she’s grown up this much in so little time.

Ellie and a grizzly at the zoo 8/19/10

Shirt reads, "I'm with stupid" 9/15/10

Little Ellie Mae has quickly become an excellent communicator, though it helps to know her language. In addition to many recognizable words, she says “Hoh” to mean “yes”, “deedleedle” to mean dirty, and “no” to mean “more”. I know these words will change and I almost can’t stand it. She whipped out “Popo” for purple in the bathtub last night with absolutely no preamble. She now strings words up into goofy sentences that still only follow her own grammar rules.

Trying to beat Daddy 9/17/10

Trying to beat Daddy 9/17/10

Sushi 10/1/10

She loves to cook with me in the kitchen and often before I even know I’ve mentioned cooking, she’ll be going to the closet to get her stool to help up at the counter. We all made sushi together a few weeks ago, and she made such a lovely mess on the table with Jesse, also eating an enormous amount of sushi rice and avocado. Avocados are a favorite of hers, as well as berries, ice cream, beans and jerky.

Spicy salsa 9/26/10

Smile! 9/21/10

Ellie Lu wants all her shirts to have “hats” (hoods), going so far as to yank at the back neckline of all her shirts. She also yanks at Jesse and my shirts to try to get them up over our heads. When we all, as a family, have hoods on, she’s extremely proud and marches off, holding our hands.



She’s constantly taking on and off her shoes and socks, going for the craziest combinations. I have, more than once, gotten out and about only to realize she is wearing two different socks and two different shoes. She also wants to dress and diaper her babies (dolls, stuffed animals, tiny plastic figurines), as well as wanting to nurse them. When she’s done, she passes them to me to nurse as well.

Wet 9/28/10

She still loves to dance, but it has become a spastic, almost dangerous movement. She twists, bops, and jerks her little body around and into things. She also danced right off the coffee table a few weeks ago and after crying for a bit, insisted on climbing back up again.

Raspberries 9/16/10

She loves to get into the shower with us, but is scared of the spray. She mostly end up standing in there and shivering and keeping up her end of the conversation. At the mention of a bath or shower, she starts tugging at her clothes and undressing.

Birthday Cake 10/7/10

Birthday Present 10/7/10

I’ve decided that modesty need only apply to myself and therefore, can tell you how stunningly gorgeous Elena Mae is. Her hair has darkened to a very light brown underneath with golden blond streaks on top. Her skin is perfection, the softest thing I have ever touched. Her eyes are the same dark green hazel as they were a year ago. She loves to give us kisses with her rosebud mouth and snakes her little arm around my neck to hold on to me and give me hugs. Her little hugable body is soft in the belly and skinny down the legs.


She is everything right, everything good and everything we could have ever hoped for. And more.

18 Months


I feel silly keeping up the farce that I actually write here anymore, but I must celebrate Ellie, so here goes.  I did write it 3 months ago but we only just downloaded the last 6 months of pictures!


2/22/10 Post Nap Face

Ellie is 1.5 years old now.  I can’t believe it.  But every time I think that I wish I could just freeze her in time, I realize that if I froze her a few months ago, I would have missed out on so much new fun!  She is crazy, adorable, sweet, charming and so lovely.


She always seems to know what we’re talking about now and joins in the conversation with sentences of her own which make no sense to us.    She whispers syllables back to me if I whisper, hums back to me if I sing and laughs a great, loud, screeching laugh when we laugh.  Her real laugh is a chortling giggle with a little screech if she’s being tickled or chased.  And she loves to be chased.



She plays with her toys in a whole new way now, mostly she wants to read books and carry around dolls.  She also loves to dump out the whole box of blocks at once and say, “doooooh!”  She still loves balls and sees them even before I have.  Her favorite place is the playground and she drags us there as soon as we leave the house.

3/19/10 Self-Portrait

She still loves to dance, but hasn’t added any new dance moves.  She also loves to strum Daddy’s guitar and bang on it, too.  She likes to color, sneaking bites of the crayons when I’m not looking.  I’ve noticed her copying my list making by doodling thoughtfully on a piece of paper.


Her favorite foods are avocado, berries (strawberry is her newest word), beans and, of course, butter.  She sometimes eats almost nothing and other times almost a whole banana.  She often seems mostly inconvenienced by mealtimes, as they interrupt another activity.


Her hair is longer than mine in back and loops up in gentle, beautiful curls.  Her eyes are now brown in some light and green in others.  I wonder if they will always change with the light and her mood.  She still has a double chin and neck folds, thank goodness.  The dimple on her right cheek is visible only in certain smiles.  Her wiry arms and legs are strong enough that I can pick her up just by leaning down and letting her grip on to me.


When she’s asleep she still looks like our newborn baby, but when she wakes up, she’s always just a little older and has another new trick up her sleeve.


16 Months and Super Bowl Weekend


Look what I wrote 2 months ago!  And then forgot about even though I’d wasted a few good brain cells on it.  Enjoy for another day or 2 until I get Ellie’s 18 months post up.

Here she is at 16 months old:

Peek a boo! 2/15/2010

Ellie turned 16 months old this weekend and we celebrated by going to a few parties and tiring her out to the point of sleepless exhaustion.  We have gone to other people’s houses in the past and after they fawn over her for a few hours, she goes to bed on the floor (with a bag full of her bedtime accessories, mind you) in a bedroom.  This did not work for her this time.  She woke up every 45 minutes, when her lullaby CD was over and cried the very-sad-sleepy-baby-cry that I cannot resist, especially when I know she is in an unfamiliar location.  So we left at the early hour of 9:30 and came home to fall asleep on the couch while watching “The IT Crowd”.


15 Months


10/31/09 Little Bunny Ellie


The last 3 months have passed in a blur of sicknesses, vacations and holidays.  In fact, the Halloween pictured above was the last normal day until we got back from Portland 2 weeks ago.  Regardless, I am a mommy-writing-slacker.  I have chosen to play with Ellie, shop for Christmas presents and hang out with Erin and Jasper, rather than catch up on her postings.  The problem with it is, I know I’ll regret not having those to read down the road.  Darn!

11/5/09 Ellie is sick and also disapproves of my excuses


But, here goes!  Ellie is 15 months old and she’s amazing!  She plays around with words, not keeping any one word in her vocabulary for very long.  She has said, Dada, hi, hat, hot, mama (but this meant ‘eating’), this, that, eye and many other words that she knows and we don’t yet understand.  She signs, all done, bye, hi, eat, up, yay and others I’m sure I’m forgetting.  But what really astounds me are the words she just plain understands.  She can’t yet communicate them back, but she knows her nose, ears, eyes, belly button, hair, feet, toes and probably more!  She knows shoes, socks, outside, nap, more, bath, book, cheese, blueberry…and I’d better just stop there because this could go on for a while.

11/28/09 Thanksgiving in Cayucos


Have I mentioned her dancing before?  She’s the cutest little bopper!  She mostly bounces up and down with her knees and holds her hands up so they flop up and down with the music.  Sometimes, I haven’t even noticed there is music playing until I see her point up her chin, put on her serious dancing face and start bouncing.  I love it.  I don’t think I have ever seen anything so cute.  Except maybe her streaking bottom after a bath when she makes a run for it to escape the towel.

12/21/09 ("wearing" my skirt)

12/24/09 First Christmas Present

She has a whole new relation ship with her toys, recognizing what they all do to entertain her.  Her favorite new toys are soft toys like stuffed animals and her new books.  She got a big stuffed penguin for Christmas and she loves to topple over on top of it and roll around.  She finally sits through some books with a little more text, but often still gives up half way through from distraction.  She loves to walk around in our shoes, no matter how many times they trip her up.  We find her toys in every possible receptacle, be it a backpack in the corner, the garbage, or the toilet.

12/28/09 Polar Bear

12/30/09 Busy

She definitely has green eyes, a shade or two darker than my own and long, dark eyelashes, several more shades darker then mine, thank goodness.  Her baby face has only grown up slightly.  She still has chubby cheeks, a tiny nose and a slight double chin.  She has the most expressive eyebrows, arching up in interest, furrowing in concentration and twitching in annoyance.  Her hair is much longer now, almost long enough that you don’t notice her sticky-out ears.  It is still a honey blond.  Her fingers are incredibly busy, she’d tried out coloring yesterday!  Her belly is cute and a little pudgy, though she is still a very skinny little monster, and her bottom is adorable!


Her entire being is entirely agreeable!  Well, except for when she’s in a disagreeable mood, but even then she’s really darn cute!


12 Months

10/7/09 Happy Birthday Sweet Face!

10/7/09 Happy Birthday Sweet Face!

This is it. I have to somehow write an ode that is worthy of the anniversary of Ellie’s birth. It’s so wonderful to have these chronicles of Ellie’s development, but every time I sit down to write one, I wonder how I can possibly try to get my clumsy words to capture her essence. Here goes.



She has become quite a handful. She makes her opinion known with a loud squawk, whether she’s mad about going inside, sitting still for a diaper change, or being told not to investigate the garbage. She’s perfected the limp noodle body to keep from being picked up, and the fast retreat when we’re trying to take away an item she shouldn’t be playing with.

10/1/09 (Can is empty, of course)

10/1/09 (Can is empty, of course)

10/4/09 Naptime

10/4/09 Naptime

But as increasingly opinionated as she is, she is even more increasingly sweet. She now hugs us with as much of a reach as her little arms have and rests her head on our shoulder. She reaches up to be held and holds on like a monkey when she doesn’t want to go down. She loves to sit in my arms and watch me baking, refusing to go down until I’m done. She hates it when either of us leaves the house or goes in a room and closes the door.

10/7/09 Carrots I was grating for her cake

10/7/09 Carrots I was grating for her cake



She loves peek-a-boo and (as Jesse said a few days ago) will play it as a dog plays fetch, basically until we’ve had enough. She still loves to play with books best of all, but as a second favorite past-time, she can take everything out of the cupboards. She has started dancing anytime she hears music. It’s a dainty, arrhythmic knee bounce with her arms bent at the elbow and her hands flopping up and down. It’s quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. The other cutest thing is her little pointer finger, now extended in every direction. She especially loves pointing at noses.

10/7/09 Birthday cake!

10/7/09 Birthday cake!



She can run on her little feet, though they sometimes still get a little ahead or behind her. She can climb up on the couch and occasionally get back down safely. Her talking has changed from repetitive babbling (dadada) to what is obviously her own little language. Jesse’s pretty sure she calls him Dada, Dad is certain he was called Grandpa (anda) and I think she may be saying “that” (dah), but I’m not sure about any of it yet. She seems to learn everything so quickly now. She sees Grandpa comb his hair, then when handed the comb, reaches up to comb the hair as well.





She is only ever more beautiful. Her hair is long enough to start curling in back and still golden blond. Her eyes are a deep emerald green, a seemingly impossible color for eyes. She has three teeth and seems in no hurry to get any more. She still has a delicate double chin that I would hate to see go. She is longer and leaner the older she gets and I’m stunned sometimes to see the length of her now, though it’s still a length that is small for her age.



She hates to be told “no” and scrinches up her eyes and whines. We’ve decided to stop using “no” and instead save it for situations where we really mean it. I find myself saying “oops” and “uh oh” (don’t get into that, don’t eat that, please don’t climb that, etc).



She loves to be chased and tickled and hugged and danced around the room. She loves to go outside and watch the big kids. She’s stopped trying to eat the bark chips and instead carries them around in her fists. She loves meeting new people and charms them with her shy smile. She has so much personality for such a little thing.