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6 months


Look what I just found!  Writing from 3 months ago.  I guess I tried, a little bit, to get down what they were up to.

12/2/11 6 Months Old!

Katy eats her socks, Lola sucks her thumb, Lola talks a lot, they smile back and forth at each other.


Can’t believe how wonderful 6 months is, charming little girls!

11/4/11, Lola is on the right, Katy on the left

And that’s all I wrote.  At least it was something!

Ellie is Three




Ellie turned three! And if you ask her how old she is, she looks at her hands and slowly arranges her fingers and tells you, “I’m free!”, completely charming whoever asked.  Though she knew all her letters and numbers soon after turning 2, she now knows what they are for, that numbers quantify something and that letters make up the words in books and spell her name.


5/15/11 Studying

In the last few months her language skills have skyrocketed.  Not only is she a wonderful conversationalist, she uses excellent grammar and you can often see her brain exploring the words she’s using and putting them together in new ways to subtly change their meaning.  She’s constantly surprising us with the terribly mature words and sentences she uses.  How bittersweet it is to watch your kids growing up!

5/22/11 Found her this way! She'd set up her guys to read to them while on the potty.


Jesse got a soccer ball and we all kick it back and forth, she loves to ride her “bike” and she’s starting to create games to play.  She now arranges her toys into different life situations, sitting a bunch of little animals and people down for meals, or arranging them for naptimes with pillows underneath and blankies on top.  She loves to lay down and play with whatever her baby sisters are batting at.



She still loves books, but movies are also often requested.  She wants to completely independently choose what she wears and usually refuses any help to put it on.  She’s currently in a stubborn phase of refusing to wear long sleeves or pants, so is learning about being cold.  She also prefers her panties off, so we have had to make rules about going outside without clothes on.  Obviously, that they all must be in place before she can go out.

8/24/11 Stinson Beach

8/31/11 Baking a cake

For a long time now, she’s been able to sing all of the songs we sing together and can recite many of her books page by page.  She reads to her babies and I see now, over in her dollhouse, that she has placed the mommy she unwrapped today (from her good friend Brooklyn) onto the toilet.  For, I imagine, an all-night poop.

9/13/11 First day of "school"

9/13/11 See my new shoes?

She is, of course, gorgeous.  Her hair got so long and thick that I trimmed it and will again soon.  It’s still probably blond, but as it gets longer, the new growth might be closer to brown.  Her eyes are a lovely green/brown/blue, that is unlike any hazel I’ve seen before, but could only be called hazel.  Her skin is very soft and sweet and she smells so good when you cuddle up next to her. Her eyebrows are still incredibly expressive.

9/30/11 Gave the babies some toys and blankies


Her skin looks fairly light, but must not be as light as mine, because even with forgetting sunscreen now and then this summer (I’ve been a little distracted), she has yet to ever have a sunburn.  I hope she got Jesse’s family’s tendency to produce melanin rather then burning.  She is still long and lean with a little round belly.  At her 3 year appointment she weighed 27.5 pounds and was 36 inches tall.  Which lands her squarely where she was born, in the 25th percentile for both.  I’d say she’s perfect.

10/7/11 With Faith. Ellie didn't manage to blow out her candles by herself on any of the 3 cakes we lit.



Hanging out in the backyard 9/28/10

Ellie has been running around the house in the mornings and afternoons with her bottom free to the breeze.  She makes it to the potty almost every time.  It’s funny to see how her mind works.  She’ll just be in the middle of a conversation with us about cooking or Mr Potatohead and then says, “pottie” and runs to the bathroom.  Amazing!  So today’s experiment is putting some pants on, but no diaper.  I’ll update as the news comes in…

So, as I suspected she’d do, she came to me a half an hour later saying pottie and looking down at her wet pants.  No big deal, we’ll try again another day.  We’ve been too busy the past few days fighting her raging fever to think about where she’s peeing.

21 Months


Here’s what I wrote about Ellie turning 21 months old. I guess I was a bit on the busy side and didn’t get around to writing any more! So I’ll share some pictures instead:


On a hike in the Berkeley Hills 5/14/10


With dada - 6/13/10

We looked at pictures together today of beautiful 8 month old Ellie Mae. She’s so much bigger now, she might as well be 6 years old for how different she is. She was such a sweet baby! And now, oh my goodness, she is such a sweet girl.




Walking Point Pinole 6/26/10


'Whatever, Mommy' 6/29/10



I went with a few friends to see “Eclipse” the other night.  We were going to have a ladies night out, a real treat, at a local theater pub.  Don’t get excited, this is no PDX style, the movies are first run and full movie-going price.  But you can get burgers or pizza and beer or wine delivered to your comfy seat.  So exciting, as the last ladies night out I’d had was in March.

Once we’d all managed to liberate ourselves from our houses, leaving babes in the care of Dads, we found out that the theater was having some special event that was nothing like a terrible teenage vampire saga.  Woe!

Calls were put in to husbands, only one of whom was available to do research for us.  We found a showtime only half and hour later at a nearby mall and rushed on over.  It was looking like I wasn’t going to be able to get my greek salad and wine.  Boo.  The good news was that Annie and Sarah had a different plan for dinner, and it was oh, so perfectly convenient and fitting.  We had a high school dinner of the following: 
Large bag of popcorn, refilled once, buttered
Nachos (meaning chips and that fluid cheese – delicious!)
Bag of Reese’s Pieces
Large Coke and Root Beer

Folks, it was so perfect. And, much to my surprise, there wasn’t a terrible, stomach-achy issue later. I guess I’m still close enough to 18! I think for dinner tonight I’ll have a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and chocolate milk.

6/16/10 Ellie likes chocolate for dinner



Ellie recently discovered my journals on the bookshelf and frolicked about with them for a bit.  As I picked up the bits and pieces that had fallen out (I stuck significant receipts in, love letters, break up letters (yes!  I kept it!), bits of poetry and scrawlings on napkins that I wrote when the journal was not in hand), I got sucked in and I keep picking them up and reading random bits.  I will say this; every bit of it is embarrassing.  E-ver-y sentence.  Mind you, this was a place I wrote what I never ever thought anyone would read.  I guess I was forgetting that I, myself, would be reading it someday.

Anyway, it reminded me how lovely it is to sit down a write something, even if it is nonsense or complainy.  Also, it reminded me of how it felt to be 21.  Hint:  it felt awkward, but also wonderful.

As I am not likely to find a way to fit in hours long breaks in coffee shops to stare out the windows daydreaming and writing in a journal, if I want to write more nonsense it will have to be in here, during naptime.